Q-fever CFT1 bulk


Bulk antigen for diagnosing Q-fever by CFT 1

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A white suspension of highly purified and chemically modified Coxiella burnetii cells in phosphate – buffered saline with thiomersal as a preservative. A sediment is formed after a longer period of storage. The sediment can easily be resuspended by shaking. The antigen has a titer of 10.


The antigen is used for the detection of antibodies against C. burnetii in the blood serum samples of humans and animals by the complement fixation (CF) test. It can be applied for the detection of C. burnetii phase II antibodies about 10 days after infection and thus, it is very useful for the diagnosis of acute Q fever in endemic areas.


1×2 ml
1×5 ml
Amount upon request


Store in a dark and dry place at the temperature of 2 – 8 °C.


One year from the date of manufacture.